Avidaid PMP Certified Project Managers

Certified Scrum Masters Lead and Coach Staff and Stakeholders

The Scrum framework allows companies to work efficiently by giving customers timely feedback as a project proceeds to insure that requirements in the form of user stories are being realized in a manner that meets expectations so that adjustments can be made right away rather than waiting weeks, months and even years to find out that elements of a project do not meet the organization's needs. It also allows changes to be quickly incorporated into the workflow as new priorities arise. This "Turn on a Dime" capability allows companies to adapt to changing needs and requirements in the marketplace to maximize effort and profit.

Our Scrum Masters are the Agile cheerleaders, coaching everyone within the organization in the application of the Scrum framework where management sets the goals, visions and priorities and the people doing the work in the organization determine how best to achieve these. After all, they are the experts. Product Owners and Business Stakeholders are shown how to effectively define and prioritize user stories in the product backlog of desired features to best serve an organization. The team is coached in self-organization and estimating story points by assessing relative complexity so they can take on enough work to fill a fixed length sprint without overloading their capacity. At the end of a Sprint, the Scrum Master facilities a retrospect meeting where the team evaluates their performance and velocity of completed stories in order to improve estimating and workflow in the next Sprint. Scrum does not levy blame. Rather, it looks to the future by learning from past experience and explores ways to improve

Scrum Masters manage artifacts, facilitate the flow of information and other meetings such as daily stand-ups and reveals to demonstrate working software at the end of a Sprint..