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Avidaid has undertaken projects with many clients in a wide variety of industries. The following examples represent a small sample of our work.

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Some of the documents are in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view them. You can download a free copy from the Adobe web site by clicking the Get Adobe Reader icon.

The Clan Lamont Society of Canada is a nonprofit organization that promotes Scottish heritage. Avidaid built a website that allows members to keep in touch with current and past events and for new members to join. Visitors can also help support the work of the society through online donations and the e-commerce purchase of Celtic jewelry. A content management system was created to allow them to add photos. events, links and new merchandise. View >>
Industrial Heritage Nova Scotia is a nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting archeological sites that are of significance to the industrial history of the province. They needed a new and application with an updated look that went beyond a standard, static website and allowed visitors to search their database of industrial heritage sites. A custom custom content management system was added to allow them to update events, their video library, pictures and text on individual web pages. Historical locations were marked with their latitude and longitude and automatically displayed a Google Map of the location along with searchable data points depicting the types of sites such as docks, private land, public and, electrical generation, water and over a dozen more. View >>
A Nova Scotia aerospace company needed a user manual for its aerial surveillance product. It had to be concise and easily understood by customers. Avidaid produced a user manual and on-line context sensitive help for the application. View >>
A world-wide manufacturer of electronic equipment updated its production software and requested a class to teach the technicians. Avidaid researched the software and the company's product line and devised hands-on, classroom seminars. Students came from three contents to attend. Each received a student study guide for use in the class and to take with them as a reference. View >>
A manufacturer of electronic devices needed a new web-based application to solve their Y2K problem. Avidaid documented the requirements, designed the system and documented the process flow. This allowed management to understand the processes and software developers to build the application. View >>
The management of a manufacturing company needed a way to control their production process. Avidaid devised a custom implementation of our standard process flow to carry them from requirements gathering through analysis, return on investment, design, project management, production, quality assurance and release. View >>
A client required a new database to track the production of electronic equipment. Avidaid installed an Oracle SQL database on an HP/UX server and created the data structures to meet their needs. View >>
A software development company created a database application with C++. One of the features was a class to provide unique exception handling and message passing. Avidaid used Trolltech's cross platform QT tool to create the application and Doxygen to produce the documentation. View >>