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Computer CLass Whether you need to train 20 people in Microsoft Word or a single employee in the use of a custom software product, Avidaid has the background and experience to help. Our instructors have decades of experience delivering hands-on, classroom computer education. All trainers have worked in the industry and bring professional, real world experience to the classes they teach. Our trainers are patient and understanding, yet are able to motivate students to excel in the courses. Each student receives the individual attention needed to understand the material and achieve success.

A leading causes of project failure is inadequate training for team members. What may appear to be a disciplinary problem with an employee could actually be a lack of knowledge, which can frustrate the employee and lead to low productivity. People who know how to do their jobs and how to use their tools properly, both hardware and software, are confident, motivated and primed for success.

Student Avidaid offers training in a wide range of computer subjects such as Microsoft ® Suite of Office Tools such as word processing and spreadsheets, graphic design, networking, computer administration, web design, database development and programming. We can also research custom applications and design special courses to teach them to your staff. Avidaid can deliver classroom training on-site for a group of employees, one-on-one instruction with an individual or a web-based application. We can also develop syllabuses and student study guides uniquely tailored to your environment that allow you to provide your own training.

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Good education starts with knowledgeable instructors who have a firm grounding in the subject. Avidaid instructors have experience with the products they teach and an understanding of their features and capabilities.

Avidaid provides course material or uses books by recognized authorities as texts. Where no text exists, as with a custom software package, Avidaid creates the class material through interviews and research with the development team.

Instructor and StudentsHands-on courses allow students to practice as they learn to better imprint lectures and readings in their memory. Class projects let students practice real world problem solving in a supportive environment. Students are assigned group and individual projects to better understand the material.

Online courses make lessons available to a large and diverse audience. They can cover standard software packages or be tailored to fit the needs of any organization on a variety of platforms.

Classes include student study guides, handouts of all presentations, lecture and classroom projects.