Volunteer A major bank needed a way to track maintenance on their automatic teller machines, both for scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Avidaid analyzed the business requirements. The bank not only needed to keep maintenance records and schedules, they needed a way to notify a technician when an ATM was reported out of service. Avidaid designed and developed an application to track and report maintenance on automated teller machines, scheduled or not, and to send a message to a service technician's pager with the number of an ATM when it went down.

Avidaid provided the project management from inceptions through planning, execution, monitoring, and closing. An easy to read user manual was also provided and end users were trained in the use of the system.


In a second case, a software development company needed to add a new contact and calendar module to its banking software package and to create a graphic user interface version for Microsoft Windows®. The base product allowed loan officers at commercial banks to compare the cost of services they were giving away to large corporations to the revenue generated by the accounts to determine profitability.

Avidaid provided project management, identified stakeholders, conducted interviews, researched the requirements and build the web application that was able to access Oracle®, IBM DB2®, Microsoft SQL Server® and Sybase SQL Server® databases on mainframe computers of the different banks.