Facility Management

Fort Mason A non-profit organization manages facility rental in a former army dock and warehouse complex.  The events range from weekly yoga classes to world trade fairs.

Avidaid's relationship with this organization spanned over a decade. We were originally contacted to write a computer based booking system that allowed space to be reserved, deposits to be taken from renters and those deposits returned when the rental period was over.

Two years later, they retained Avidaid to rewrite their accounting package to include general ledger, accounts receivables, accounts payable and payroll. This was integrated into the booking system Avidaid had previously provided. The system had to allow for fund accounting where some donations were only used for the a specified purpose. Avidaid, after analyzing the business requirements, designed and developed a custom application to run on their UNIX computer. A user manual was provided and the staff were trained in the new system.

Avidaid performed many administrative and maintenance functions on their UNIX computer such as upgrading the operating system and setting up an automated backup system that could be run by the staff. This support continued for several years.